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  1. Ganesh Ji Small Silver Pendant


    Very Cute Small Silver Pendant Of Ganesh Ji Learn More
  2. Silver Peacock Tevta Pendant


    Tribal Pendant Made In Tevta Style Learn More
  3. Temple  ganesh Ji Pendant


    Very Fine Ganesh Ji Pendant Handcraft By Jaipur Arisans Learn More
  4. Unique Traditional Silver Bangle


    Unique Traditional Silver Bangle Handcraft By Jaipur Artisasns Learn More
  5. Cute Simple Free Size Bangle


    Cute Simple Free Size Bangle With Little Work For Girls Learn More
  6. Handcraft Oxidised Bangle


    Beautiful Handcraft Oxidised Silver Bangle Learn More
  7. Exclusive Small Elephant Silver Bangle


    Exclusive Small Elephant Silver Adjustable Fine Bangle Learn More
  8. Oxidised Small Elephant Bangle


    Charming Oxidised Small Elephant Fine Bangle Learn More
  9. Handmade Silver Flower Bangle


    Handmade Silver Flower Plain Bangle For Woman Learn More
  10. Antique Tribal Artisan Bangle


    Tribal Artisan Women Silver Bangle Open Cuff Bead Free Size Learn More

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41-50 of 173

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewellery with its shiny and attractive look complements nearly every skin tone. Make a purchase from a large collection of beautifully shaped and designed silver jewellery. Silver accessories enhance the looks of wearer and act as an add­on to the traditional attire of women. Sterling silver jewellery got its emergence when silver was not used for crafting jewellery due to its soft nature. Despite being a valuable metal, sterling type of silver is offered at reasonable and quite affordable prices. With gold touching the rocket­high costs, sterling jewellery with innovative shapes meets demand.
The silver jewellery collection showcased here, includes­

  • Toe rings
  • Crystal pendants
  • Bangles and bracelets
  • Silver pendants for girls
  • Silver jhumki earrings
and a lot more.

The jewellery items developed at Rajsi are best at exhibiting the craftsmanship of its makers. These are more of a reflector of royal culture of the state. Whether it is an ordinary jewellery piece or imaginative design, Rajsi brings every single set of your desire in its collection. Sterling jewellery is shaped in many finishes such as shiny, smooth, textured,antique or may be black oxidised appearances.