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  1. Unique Oxidised Silver Bracelet


    Unique Oxidised Handcraft Silver Designer Bracelet length 8.5" Learn More
  2. Antique Beaded Design Bracelet


    Antique Voylla Silver Oxidized Beaded Design Bracelet Learn More
  3. Beautiful Alloy Bracelet


    Beautiful Alloy Bracelet Flat Design With Oxidized Learn More
  4. Handmade Silver Oxidised Bracelet


    Handmade Oxidised Silver Bracelet Learn More
  5. Classic Handcraft Oxidised Bracelet


    Classic Handcraft Oxidised Silver Chain Bracelets for Woman Learn More
  6. Charming Plain Jaali Bracelet


    Charming Plain Jaail Handmade Bracelet Learn More
  7. Voylla Style Silver Bracelet


    Handmade Voylla Style Oxidised Bracelet Learn More

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The word Bracelets comes from “brachile” which means an “arm” in Latin. Romans were the first one to wear round gold Bracelets on their left wrist as a symbol of their military valor. A Bracelet is now worn as an ornament, and is increasingly becoming trendy with advent new designs and styles.

Rajsi offer an exclusive range of Silver Bracelets which demonstrates amply why our craftsmanship is unmatched across the world. It offers an impressive as well as sophisticated and elegant range of Silver Bracelets featuring never ending styles and designs.

Silver Bracelets for women and men complement all outfits and glamorizing them well!

To know more or purchase the desired product(s), just click on the Bracelet image on the Rajsi website page.

Buy Rajsi Silver Bracelets Online

Beautiful jewelry created by Rajsi using intricate craftsmanship help buyers develop a personal style statement. Just by following few simple steps, one can easily purchase Silver Bracelets from the comfort of their homes using our online shopping portal. Designed in a way that gives you ease while shopping as it displays a lucid view of our never ending range of Silver Bracelet designs and styles plus your information stays secure. Payment process is also very simple coupled with great offers like product service guarantee, easy exchange, detailed pricing and the best quotes.