It’s been a while since you and your partner have been together and now you think she is the right one for you. You are planning to make a proposal but for some time now, you have been freaking out each time the idea comes up. Either way you have to make it before some other dude from nowhere comes and steals the show.




Now that you think you have summoned enough courage, you have asked your best friend to accompany you to the shopping mall to get engagement rings for the woman after your heart. Somehow you manage to steal one of her other rings so you could get a perfect fit. Now that you have the ring, you have another problem; you have not been able to summon up the courage to ask the big question. Every time you try someone comes in at the wrong moment or you lose our courage. To help you overcome the jitters, we have put together some tips on how to know she will accept your proposal. You can go online and search best collection of sterling silver jewelry. When you will see the huge collection of these jewelries, definitely you can choose one for your loved ones.


Involve her family

Talk to her family about organising a surprise party for her. In fact you can ask her family to manage the event. It could be at a family gathering. The point with getting her family involved is that you could measure your chances of getting a yes from her family’s reaction. If they are all happy to go with your plan, then it means this is something they have all been waiting for a long time. If they have been waiting for it, it means your girl too has been wondering when you will pop the big question

Get her friends to organize

Even if you get it wrong with her family, you really can’t get it wrong with her friends. She talks with her friends and shares her worries about her relationship with them. Whether you like it or not, she must have talked to her friends about what she feels about your relationship. If you talk to her friends about making a proposal and they are all excited, then you know your girl has been waiting for this a long time

Ask your friends to tease her

Your close friends know you two have been going for a while and they probably already know you are so much into her. However, if you are wondering about her response, you can ask your friends to tease her. For your kind information, silver necklace is a best option for any girl. Tell them questions they should teasingly ask. You can even get them to call her Mrs. this or that and see her reaction. If she is happy to be called your Mrs., then she is probably waiting for the big question to be popped.