Gold, lustrous and expensive is the most favorite metal preferred for making jewelry. When people gets overwhelmed in the yellow beauty, there is something very similar that has a white sheen and equally strong and malleable as gold, the Silver. Silver in its pure form is very brittle and cannot be forged into jewelry, so it is doped with copper inorder to make an alloy called as sterling silver, which is a fine candidate for jewelry as well as a dozen other uses. Sterling Silver Jewelry is one popular choice in the current fashion trend, there are many online sites from where you can buy hundred or may be thousands of collections of various ornaments ranging from head drop to anklet.


There are many reasons why people prefer sterling silver over gold and platinum, the highlight factor is the price of this alloy. Compared to other two, silver costs nearly 40 times lesser! However tarnishing one bit of problem with silver, which costs extra money in terms of maintenance, but comparing the costs it’s nowhere near gold! Recent advancement in metal science has helped scientist to re-engineer the alloy to create a more durable and tarnish resistant sterling silver, which is now a major trend in the market. Let us see reasons why you should go with silver.


  1. Budget Friendly: -As mentioned earlier, sterling silver is cheap and affordable making it a perfect candidate for jewelry. They are more often mined and refined compared to other precious metals. Though the price is cheap, its properties are on par with those of precious metals like gold and platinum. Their bright luster is appropriate when considering for jewelry.

  2. Robust: - Though easily forged, there super strong and sturdy making them a perfect jewelry metal. Silver anklets, chain, rings, bracelets etc. are some common jewelry in themarket.

  3. Customizable: - Like gold, silver can also be custom styled by a metal smith, similar to that of gold. There are least modifications required in the jewelry aiming process, which makes it more versatile.

  4. Market Availability: - Sterling silver is most common and easily available jewelry in the market. One can buy numerous designs both online and offline. Sterling silver bracelets, bangles, chain, pendants etc. sold like hot dogs from theonlinemarketplace. The wide range of collections in the jewelry makes it a favorite gifting and party collectible.

Above points are just in paper thoughts, the actual advantages are subjected to personal interests. Unlike precious metal, if lost one needn’t want cry over the possession. Moreover, if you feel like making a custom jewelry, take it to a silversmith and suggest your design and get it ready. One can also buy silver slabs or coins, which will be a good choice for gifting. Most men prefer silver over gold, as it’s not as fancy as gold, but satisfies men’s need for a jewelry. Sterling rings and bracelets are popular men jewelry in this category.