Buying stuff online has become a common thing among people in today’s busy lifestyle. Simply from their clothing to lingerie to home decoration stuff and what not, people are capable enough to purchase anything online with ease and within a short time frame. Not just garments, but making a purchase of jewellery from online stores has also set a trend today. Shopping for charms through online stores can provide you flawless experience but still you should remember some very important parameters before you move forward.

Make a list of items

Making a list will really assist you to choose the perfect online store because you will be required to evaluate the accuracy of the jewellery located and also the involved terms and conditions.

Customer Service

Whenever you go online to purchase things, it is very important to know about customer services because you can simply ask them any question about the shopping. See whether or not they are comfortable to share their contact numbers of e-mail id and how open they are to consumer grievances and queries.


Since, there are so many labs that provide jewellery certificates for any kind of jewellery including silver necklace but AGS and GIA are 2 very famous labs whose certifications are recognized throughout the world. Ensure that the online retailers sell charms which adhere to the above mentioned standards.

Return Policy

The most important part that you must keep in mind is that, read the return policy because you should be aware of the policy before making a purchase. Some websites have 30 days exchange or return policy whereas some other sites have different policy. In case, there is no return policy mentioned in the site, do not buy jewellery from there.

Picture of the Product

It is suggested to choose a product that seems good in pictures. High resolution pictures are commonly employed by famous jewellers along with their brand name embossed on it. this about this point while making an online purchase because pictures can give you the better idea about the item.


If you are planning to buy silver chains, bangles, rings, bracelet or silver necklace online, you need to ensure that you choose the correct size. Well, every online store has a size chart which is usually specified there with the product.


Price comparision is very important whenever you go to shop anything. Make sure that you are purchasing the product on the correct price.

Delivery Nature

Well, this may not the case of economical and cheap jewellery, but if you are ordering a big and heavy product then choose a store that gives you insurance while product delivery.

Secure Payment Methods

Different payment options allow the customer to purchase with his or her favorite choice of payment method like Cash on delivery, Internet banking, credit card, and Debit card etc.

Customized Designs

There are so many online stores that provide the option of customized designs. This will help you to get the designs tailored as per your preference.

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