As soon as your wedding is fixed, things around you change. You start to stay nervous, excited and anxious. Now you are eagerly waiting for the most important day of your life. If you dig deep into reality then you will notice that this time should also be devoted towards planning the special day. Planning a good wedding requires a bit managerial skills, patience, thought processing and vision.

If you are having a good amount of budget and want to spend heavy for the wedding then obviously you have too many open options. The ones who want to keep things tight and simple, and then even we can suggest some super cool plans which will make your wedding and functions sheer delight. There are certain basic things which are needed for any wedding, be it a lavish one or a simpler one. Here is the to-do list that must be met with, around and during your wedding:

  • If you have a smaller budget then even make sure that guests get a room with the basic amenities like a good washroom and an air conditioner. You can also buy silver bangles online to look at your best.

  • The number of vehicles that will be used as a conveyance for your guests during their stay should not fall short.

  • The quality of the food must be scrutinized so that none of the guests have any problem with the food.

  • The location of the place of stay and venue of wedding should be a convenient one for both the families of the bride and groom.

  • Wedding is the time when people love to dress up and look at their very best, for this you should hire at least a couple of makeup and grooming artist for both women and men. The bridal hair and makeupartist, it should be chosen beforehand and buy silver rings online so as to mitigate any last moment chaos.

  • Always keep in hand a good amount of cash; you never know when an emergency pop can out. Money handles emergencies the best, always remember that.


So these were the basic things which you must keep in mind while you plan your wedding. These things will keep things easy for you as well as the guests. The most important of all these is the selection of venue.

What to consider before choosing the apt venue for your wedding

Here are the few basic things which you should consider before finalizing the venue of your wedding:

  • Convenience: Convenience is the first important thing which you must consider. Your wedding venue should be convenient for you as well as the guests. Keep it somewhere near the city so that everybody can reach easily.

  • Conveyance: Many of the guests do not have a car to go back home from the wedding venue, so you must take care of them.

  • Resting rooms: There might be a few people who are at discomfort due to health ailments, keeping a couple of rooms for them will be a good idea