While some of us would like to go for gold or platinum, there are many of us who would rather pick some classic silver jewelry. Even if you are someone who prefers glitters of gold over the shimmer of silver, there are a few specific pieces which are a must have for your collection.


Silver bangles for women


Nothing else can adorn your wrist more than a classic pair of silver bangles. Not just they are in trend always, but they come in a variety of designs and style to choose from.


While a single bangle can give you an elegant look, a pair can further enhance your beauty. The Classic oxidized silver bangles are a compliment to any of your ensemble.


The silver bangle is truly a great way to make you feel good whether you are going out for a simple outing or for any special occasion. The best part about silver bangle is that you can wear them with anything like a sundress or a slack and they will give you a super chic look.


Long earrings silver


That delicate looking shimmer against your neck is something that completes the necessities of any woman’s silver jewelry collection. Irrespective of the type, earrings are something that has a tendency to make a woman feel complete even if it’s the only piece of jewelry she has on.


But talking about a particularly stylish choice, hoops or the long earrings are something that can actually design up even a simple plain dress. They come in a variety of choice like plain or embellished with stones. Totally depending on your personal choice you can pick up the size and style of any hoop which can complement your own unique style.


So if you are still wondering what exactly is missing out from your personal collection of silver assortment, then here is the answer. Silver will never go out of flair and spending in these two simple pieces is something every jewelry lover should do on a priority basis.